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The official gift for The 13th Shanghai People's Congress

Magic Mirror is located in the heart of Taikanglu (Tianzifeng). It is the leading studio of this artist district; our main practice is computer-aided painting.   Since the Shanghai Expo, Magic Mirror has served over 60 ministers from China and abroad with countless of mayors having visited our shop. On 2012 our paintings had been chosen to be the official gift of the Shanghai People's Congress, and we have custom-made oil portraits for over 800 congress members. Through our online interactive system, we had successfully coordinated between 800 people's representatives and re-touchers online.

All you have to do is send your image to us, we will instantly improve faces based on the ideal proportion using our computer generated algorithms, we will then add brush work on the computer, and send you the newly touched photos to your email for approval.  We will lastly paint over the brushwork that is printed on canvas.

  Carlos Blasco Villa, 
  Ambassador of Spain in China,
  Jose Bono, 
  President of Spanish Congress of Deputies

 Ole von Beust, Mayor of Hamburg

Chief Secretary For Administration
  of Hong Kong SAR
Henry Tang Ying Nian

 Tianjin Mayor Visited Magic Mirror

Visual representations have been the source of memorable moments of our lifetime. Photographs and oil paintings are the best form of media to record such magical moments.  Prices of photographs has been plunged since general availability of personal computers and image editing software and not to mention the low cost of inkjet printer thus resulting photographs no longer be considered as a valuable and decent gift for any occasions.

         The popularity of image editing software has also caused photographs to reduce its representation in symbol of reality. Retouched photographs can be found everywhere, and are congested in our everyday life.  Embarrassment will occur when a retouched photograph is being used as a gift item and people often categorize a re-touched photograph as a “fake” photograph.

         Oil paintings have long been categorized as model of excellence of art and often symbolizes eternity, elegance and class.  The elated value of oil paintings also causes it to remain as a fantasy to the mass of ordinary people and could only be appreciated and admired from afar for many centuries. The end result of every oil painting relies heavily on the skill of the painter and the main shortcoming is that the end result cannot be previewed beforehand.

Making Your Magical Moment Eternal!




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