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The official gift for The 13th Shanghai People's Congress








Our founder: Sau Chi Yong (www.sauchi.com)

Mr. Sau Chi Yong was born in Hong Kong, graduated from the York University, Toronto, Majoring in Visual Art.

1986 lecturing at Zhejiang Academy of Art (now the China Academy of Fine Arts).

1989, Center of International Photography ICP nominated for Young Photographer Award (Canada representative);

Hong Kong returned to the motherland in 1997, when the Company and the China Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, the China International Trade Promotion Committee, Kodak (China) Limited jointly organized the "Hong Kong's tomorrow will be better," Sau Chi Yong large-scale light boxes art exhibition", and have achieved Stir social effects.

Currently, Mr. Sau Chi Yong is an associate professor of China Academy of Fine Arts and director of Magic Mirror Studio.


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