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The official gift for The 13th Shanghai People's Congress

Painting with oils is a very time consuming process whether you are a professional painter or an art lover. Painters have used image projection on canvas or inkjet on canvas to try to cut down the time required for a realistic painting without much success. With work and studies taking up most of the time, creating something decent for a friend as gift may take a month or even more. Magic Mirror now provides simple solution to make oil painting a less time consuming endeavor.

Traditional ways of cutting corner

Image projections over canvas has always been around, it helps artist accurately position each element of the painting but still can not make the painting process much shorter. Photo inkjet on canvas has been popular in recent years, but covering traces of photographs has also been hard to do. Image that has been faded inside has created new problems for photo inkjets.

Archival inkjet

Magic Mirror use original Epson ink which is certified to last over 100 years, this will mean that area that has been painted and the area that has not been painted will not be fading differently over time.

Oil Painting Texture

Magic Mirror uses a special acrylic to allow texture to go over the image. This means you can leave these areas without paint will still look like painting.

Water Proof Coating

We apply a clear coat that allows easy removal of paint before it is dried. So if you make a mistake, you can rub it off easily before the paint is dried.
Magic Mirror Also provides an online system to interact with artist before the inkjet printing process.



Professional Artist
Charging a considerable amount is the fair considering the amount of time you have to spend on the paintings. Magic Mirror can help you to cut down this time. Either you can create an image underlay that can save you a lot of time or reduce your work over reproductions of your original painting. Since you spend less time on the work, you can charge less, and in the end keep things more affordable. This will increase your income and you will even be able to keep your original.


Painting After



Details of the map           


Details of the map  

Painting After


Art Lovers
If you are an art lover that wants to give a gift that is painted by your own hand this product might just be the one for you.   With your limited time and skill you may not be able to afford to do so but Magic Mirror can help you fulfill that dream by supplying you with an underlay of the painting.  You can use our system to improve facial features like a professional artist would, and be able to send you an email for approval. Then that special someone will be able to feel the warmth of your human touch within that painting.

Photo Before

Painting After

If you’re a parent, art that is created by your children are something that deserve to be kept and displayed.  However, due to the media that they paint on, the art cannot be easily kept and displayed for prolonged periods.  You can reproduce the image in our shop and turn it into an art piece at home.   Make your kid proud of the art they created, and display them at your home loud and proud!   


Becoming A Member:
Magic Mirror Studio provide a membership service for art lovers, you can email us an image (art@picpaint.com), or upload online (art.picpaint.com), We will then turn it into an inkjet printed canvas that you can paint on top.

This promtion is only avaliable to members, discount price will be appliable with one-time payment of 1800rmb.

Our computer-aided oil paintings are made of archival Epson ink plus hand painted acrylic. This ink has a third party certification of over 100 years.

Payment Amount(RMB) Bonus (RMB) Total Credit(RMB) Discount (RMB) Can produce oil paintings.
1800 +200 2000 10% off 4 pc of 22"
4300 +700 5000 14% off 12 pc of 22"
6000 +1000 7000 ≈15% off 16 pc of 22"
10000 +2000 12000 ≈17% off 28 pc of 22"

Size Price(RMB) List Price(RMB)
12 -inch 420 600
22-inch 420 600
34-inch 630 900
42-inch S 910 1300
42-inch L 980 1400
64-inch S 1400 2500
64-inch L 1568 2800
12-inch*2 490 700

*12*2  Both paintings must be identical.
*Price does not include frame and shipping charges.
*Frame and shipping charges are not subject to membership discount.
*Membership credits are not refundable.
*This service available only online, and we will not provide face-to-face service in our shop.

*This package does not contain any painting services. 





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