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The official gift for The 13th Shanghai People's Congress

Magic mirror Studio is a new business concept with multiple creative business directions; it fulfills the need of a market with little competition.



Our main direction include:

Shop Photo studio, Gift Oil Painting. Magic Mirror Shop in Taikanglu has been representing Shanghai creative industry on many occasions; it has been presented by Taiwan travel TV program that has been broadcasted in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia. The Shop is a display window for the Magic Mirror Concept, it allows customers to be able to feel and touch our work on location.

Event Photo System:

This system has been proven in many events and locations such as weddings, business events, old age homes, school graduation, and job related events. This system can promote our shop but also generates good income. This is a portable photo studio that retouches and print during the event.

Oil Painting Gift Certificate:
Gift Certificate sales is a convenient gift solution that is allow sales volume, it can be used as employee benefits, and gift for corporate customers. It is very presentable gift since each certificate has the "Official gift of the 13th Shanghai Peoples' Congress".

Event Gift:
Large Events, such as Shanghai Congress meeting can be completed online. This is another possibility for volume sales. Together with our on location system, business event can provide a very lasting impression on their special occasion.



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