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The official gift for The 13th Shanghai People's Congress


Picking a gift to somebody that has everything has always been a problem. It could mean expensive gifts ending up in the corner sitting in the basement somewhere. It is a waste of your time and money. This problem has not just facing you and me but also to the Congress in Shanghai. 
 Magic Mirror Studios solves this problem with computer-aided painting. We combined the power of a photograph with the elegant image of an oil painting. We have successfully completed the official gift for the Shanghai people's Congress. We have also solved the problem of communication between artists and art commissioners over the Internet.

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Register (Top)>Input Gift Certification number>Scratch out the password and input password> Upload image>Follow instruction and supply requests>Fill out shipping address.


Send image as attachment to gift@picpaint.com, label Gift Cert number + "," Password. (Example: 1234567,98d76) Content in email include requests, you and receiver name, mobile number, QQ, Skype and address.

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您送的不单是一幅油画 而是一段难忘美丽的回忆

您也能将生命中难忘的一瞬间 化作 永恒









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