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The official gift for The 13th Shanghai People's Congress

Photographs bring nice memories and builds closer relationships, and yet it requires a high resolution to be able to make an enlargement, and require great photography skills and retouching skills when it needs to be printed large. A photograph is not forgiving and details that are not taken care of will show up at the end.  An image that is taken by family members, or received from the Internet is next to useless when it come to enlargement.

Magic Mirror can utilize everyday images and even images that were “pronounced dead” can now all turn into nice paintings.  Photographs that can bring us warmth and happiness can now be used freely within our homes.  For the elderly, an image shows the back of their grandchild during a picnic in a small corner of a painting can bring insurmountable happiness to them. 

In many noble families in Europe, family portraits or portraits of the owner would be the center of attention in their home.

Oil Painting subjects now no longer limited by resolution, Any image printed small like an A4 size in a magazine can now become a big piece of art in your living room.


 Sucessful Cases

 45 replica oil paintings produced by
 Magic Mirror were exhibited in
Vitual Western Art gallery at
  Wu Xi Museum

 Mural-size oil painting

 Produced by Magic Mirror
Currently being exhibited at 

 Shanghai Urban Planning
 Exhibition Center

  Cai Wei Lian Work
  Reproduced by Magic Mirror, 
  Displayed at
  The Museum and Former Resident of
Cai Yuan Pei

  Liu Hai Su Work
  Reproduced by Magic Mirror, 
  Displayed at
  The Museum and Former Resident of
  Cai Yuan Pei



        Is there a photo in your family album that you find particularly compelling?It could be one taken by years ago with your parents looking young in it ;It could be one taken with your family or friends on an excursion when you were a child ;Or it could be a black-white photo.

        A camera is like a time machine, it freezes every sweet moment of yours.Time flies ,yet a wonderful past will never ever change.Take your remarkable moments to Magic Mirror whether they have improper sizes orpoor pixel,or even it faded as time passes,we assure you that these large-sized oil paintings will immortalise the moment.


Photo Before




Painting After

Photo Before

Painting After


Even low-quality image, we can be enlarged and produced into oil painting.




The original image of this painting is a photo taken by the customer using a mobile phone.The picture clarity is not high and the quality is poor.Enlarged and painted it become a fashionable art piece.




The original image of this painting is only a little bigger than a postcard .The final size is 16 by 0.8 meters




Finished Painting

Before Image with Screen

After Image with Qil Painting effect


       Painting are not just limited for home decoration,but they are also suitable for offices,office buildings,hotels and many other commercial places.Moden offices decorated with historical photos of enterprise,devolopment projects and product photos will not fit a high class environment .With painting expression this will not only have an enhancing the effect but without the pixel limitation the amount of sources being able to use is endless.

      The use of party photographs made into paintings will impress your valued guests for any classy occasion.







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